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Grief & Healing

Everyone's journey is unique. Kronish Funeral Services helps you walk your own path.

Olive Branch

Grief & Healing

When someone close to you dies, your world can feel suddenly different and unknown: think of grief as your adjustment to life after loss. While certain feelings can be expected, everyone’s journey will be unique. Some people find solace in speaking to friends, while others don’t want to talk to anyone. Some turn to group therapy, while others prefer one-on-one sessions with a counselor.

The emotions you experience are normal, even if they aren't what you expected. Allow yourself to feel each as it arises and understand that it will take some time to adjust to your new circumstances. If you find this process difficult to navigate alone, don't hesitate to contact Kronish Funeral Services so that we can help you on your personal path toward healing.

Olive Branch

Process of Grieving

Many of us have heard of the five stages of grief: Denial, Anger, Bargaining, Depression, and Acceptance.

Though influential, today the five stages model is thought to be fairly limiting—most experts agree that the reality of the grief experience is much more fluid and varies greatly from person to person. At first, you may feel as if in a fog of denial, with a sense of unreality permeating everyday tasks. You may find simple rote tasks nearly impossible to do. On another day you may feel depressed and the next angry toward friends, family, or the world. For some, the experience will be intense, with a quick succession of high and low emotions. The experience of an emotional state can last for just a few hours, or it can last for weeks or years.

Olive Branch

Your Grief is unique

Your unique experience of grief may be based on factors like your relationship to the person who has died, the circumstances of his or her death, and your own personality. For example, it is not uncommon to experience a long denial phase after the sudden and unexpected death of a loved one.

Acceptance is not necessarily a permanent state, nor does it mark a return to happiness or your pre-loss state of mind. The death of your loved one has changed the circumstances of your world, and acceptance marks your understanding of this, as well as your willingness to move forward in life without them. Think of the loss as a tear in the fabric of your life: the pain will ease over time, but in some ways, the loss may always be with you.

Throughout your grieving process, you will likely experience a range of mental, physical, and emotional symptoms, from dizziness to loss of appetite to inability to concentrate. Understand that, while sometimes frightening, such symptoms are completely normal.

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