Siegbert “Siggy” A. Kolko Obituary

Siegbert “Siggy” A. Kolko Obituary Obituary International businessman, husband, father, grandfather. Survived by his wife Rosalie, son Ira (Nan), daughter Cheryl, stepsons Scott (Lauren) and Steven (Veronica), grandchildren Allen (Lauren), Valerie (Matthew), Zachary (Shelby), Ashley (Matt) and Jake (Danilo), great-grandchildren Samantha, Joshua, and Rafi, and predeceased by his first wife Ruth and grandson Shawn. Siggy’s…

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George Hankin Obituary

George Hankin Obituary Obituary George David Hankin was born July 31, 1943, outside Philadelphia, PA. He was the eldest child of Perch and Gertrude with younger sister Madeline and brother Mark. George was brought up in a large close family surrounded by a bevy of aunts, uncles, and cousins.  George (19) immediately fell in love…

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Albert Sopher Obituary

Albert Sopher Obituary Obituary Albert Jerome Sopher was born on March 28, 1926, in Baltimore, Maryland.  He was the youngest of 5 children. He fought in WWII in the Philippines. He came back to Baltimore after the war and married the love of his life – our Mom Betty Dubow.  They bought a house in…

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Robert “Bob” Joblove Obituary

Robert “Bob” Joblove Obituary Obituary Bob Joblove passed away peacefully on Saturday, August 26th at 93 years old. Bob was a beloved husband of 72 years to Ruth, a wonderful father to Vicki (Rawlinson) and Steven, and devoted grandfather to Sam and Nick Rawlinson. Bob was a legend in the American metals industry and traveled…

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Martin Falk Obituary

Martin Falk Obituary Obituary Martin Falk, of Plantation, FL was born on March 26, 1938, and passed away on September 4, 2023. Marty was a wonderful husband to Deanna for 53 years and a loving and devoted father to Brian. Marty enjoyed watching sporting events on TV, playing the piano, and getting together with friends…

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Somehow Florida’s Hospitals are Getting Worse

Picture of 5 stars with only one colored yellow showing a Poor Rating.

Florida, with its sunny beaches and vibrant communities, is a dream destination for many. But is it the right place for high-quality healthcare? Let’s take a deep dive. Remember my email from last year about the US News and World Report hospital rankings?   A year ago I highlighted concerns about Florida’s healthcare system, emphasizing its…

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Misdiagnosis Happens Every Day!

cartoon image of the word OOPS!

I am neither a funeral director nor a medical professional.  I am just a lawyer who is the part owner of a group of funeral homes who writes to you occasionally.  What I’ve Learned Since entering the funeral business, I have learned that medical malpractice through misdiagnosis occurs daily and kills thousands yearly. Not surprisingly,…

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12 Things To Do After The Funeral

Picture of a Social Security Card with the name of John Q Citizen.

I know it feels “cold” to plan for the practical and financial aspects of your loved one’s death.  To Plan Or Not No one wants to think about money and administrative details when mourning.  But, as much as we don’t like to address these issues, they are a must and won’t go away just because…

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Air B&B Rentals Have Hidden Cameras

Multiple types of security cameras in black and white.

It isn’t easy to constantly think up exciting topics to email you about.   I read hundreds of articles weekly and select the ones that catch my attention.  After additional research, I try to summarize what I have learned and then email you.   Hotel Owners Plant Hidden Cameras In Rooms So, imagine my surprise when I…

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It’s Easy To Be Tricked By A Faker

Picture of a large room filled with men and women in suits standing up and clapping.

See if you can pick me out in this picture of the State of the Union Address.   No joke, I am in the picture in the upper left aisle.   Maybe this will help you find me…That’s me!!! Personally, I think I look pretty good in the picture even though I was never there.  The Picture…

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