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Medical records

New Federal Rules Regarding Patient Access To Medical Records

By Mark Sunshine | August 4, 2021

Learn Your Rights Healthcare providers have a legal obligation to provide access to medical records both while a patient is alive and after death.   Almost every week, I speak to a family whose loved one died, was denied access to medical records, and has no idea why their loved one passed. This is both an ethical wrong and…

Leisure in summer - Rear of beautiful women tan relax on beach with tattoo on foot.

Yes, Jews With Tattoos Can Be Buried In A Jewish Cemetery

By Mark Sunshine | July 15, 2021

When I was 16 years old, I decided it would be fun to convince my parents that I wanted to get a tattoo. I bought magazines featuring tattoo artists and started cutting out feature articles and leaving them around the house where my mother would notice.  At first, my mother ignored me.  But it was too…

Closeup image of a cicada on leaves. Cicadas will spend up to 17 years underground as larvae before hatching. They are known as one of the loudest insects.

More Surprising Information About People Eating Cicadas

By Mark Sunshine | June 28, 2021

I have to admit, I am shocked to be sending out another email about humans eating cicadas.   At first, I thought reports of human consumption of cicadas were a joke.  But now…I am not so sure.    Today I was emailed several “advisory opinions” written by prominent Rabbis informing me that cicadas are not kosher, were never kosher,…

Healthy eating, exercising, weight and blood pressure control

5 Lifestyle Habits For Sustained Health

By Mark Sunshine | June 28, 2021

Everyone wants to live a long and healthy life.   According to Harvard researchers, we don’t have to go to St. Augustine to sip at the Fountain of Youth.    All we have to do is be careful about five lifestyle habits. Then, you can most likely extend your life for 10 years and be free of most chronic diseases…

Real estate sale paperwork and Housing Model with Architectural blueprints

The Single Smartest Thing You Can Do If You Own Real Estate In Florida

By Mark Sunshine | June 22, 2021

If you own real estate (including your home), the single smartest thing you can do to save money and protect your estate is to change the form of deed to a Lady Bird Deed.   As you may know, I am a lawyer (licensed in Florida, New York, and Connecticut), and I know something about real estate,…

USA medical insurance card for medicare for every citizen isolated against a white background

Don’t Make This Common Mistake and Risk Future Coverage

By Mark Sunshine | June 21, 2021

Medicare is one of the most important government benefits for seniors.   But the Medicare program is complicated, and there are important decisions that every Baby Boomer needs to make.  And, the wrong decision may create irreversible harm later in life.   The reason seniors need to make decisions is that Medicare does not pay all medical expenses.  Without supplemental…

Aerial view of various coffee

Good News For Starbucks and Dunkin Donuts….

By Mark Sunshine | June 14, 2021

I am a coffee drinker.    I don’t like my coffee straight, and I don’t care if it is gourmet coffee.  I want milk and sugar in it, and I love the different flavors of coffee that I can brew in my Keurig coffee maker. There is a potential health reason to drink coffee (other than not…

Closeup of a "Reset Password" web button with a mouse arrow on a computer screen.

Change Your Passwords Often

By Mark Sunshine | June 14, 2021

Cyber thieves are targeting consumer passwords and accounts.   Earlier this month approximately 8.4 billion consumer and small business passwords were stolen and published online. This means essentially all consumer and small business passwords in the entire world are potentially compromised.  The news of this password breach is a little worse than it appears on its face.  This…

Closeup image of a cicada on leaves. Cicadas will spend up to 17 years underground as larvae before hatching. They are known as one of the loudest insects.

Don’t Eat Cicadas if Allergic to Shellfish

By Mark Sunshine | June 14, 2021

Sometimes life is stranger than fiction.   A few days ago, the FDA felt the need to warn people with shellfish allergies not to eat cicadas.   I have a simpler suggestion – DON’T EAT CICADAS EVER!!! According to the New York Times… The advice from the Food and Drug Administration comes as the current group of cicadas, known as Brood…

Emperor Marcus Aurelius

The Ancient Teaching of a Roman Emperor Can Help

By Mark Sunshine | May 10, 2021

There are no two ways about it…the combination of the COVID-19 pandemic and current political unrest has affected us all, regardless of religion, political party, or financial means.   While it feels like these times are unique, that isn’t true.  In many ways, we are reliving a dark period of the Roman Empire.   From AD166 to AD180,…

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