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A Life Well Lived

Musings On Life & What Comes After.

picture of a webpage that linked to facebook

What Happens To Your Facebook Page After You Pass Away?

By Mark Sunshine | May 2, 2023

Facebook: An Essential Tool Facebook has become an essential tool to connect with friends and family.  When something good happens, or you want to share a picture of your family, for millions of Americans, Facebook is the media upon which they share.  While we share good things on Facebook, life is not all a “bed…

Picture of a left hand wearing a blue surgical glove holding a bottle that reads Covid 19 vaccine.

Additional Boosters and Updated Vaccine Guidelines

By Mark Sunshine | April 19, 2023

As COVID-19 vaccine technology and learning advances, the FDA is adjusting its guidance (which is a good thing).   Today, the FDA announced updated vaccine guidance, including when additional boosters should be administered.  If you would like to view the FDA guidance, click here.   Since the FDA press release with the new guidance is a bit…

Picture of a left hand wearing a blue surgical glove holding a bottle that reads Covid 19 vaccine.

How Will You Be Remembered

By Mark Sunshine | April 17, 2023

As I get older, I often wonder how I will be remembered after I die.  What will I leave behind that will be of lasting value?  A long time ago, I started creating my legacy without realizing it.  Below are some of my experiences and some guidelines so that you can take control of how…

Picture of a law will and testament form.

Avoid Cheap “Will Mills”

By Mark Sunshine | March 23, 2023

We have all seen the advertisements… Are Will Mills Worth It If They Are Free? Online “will mills” are undoubtedly cheap, but are they worth it even if free?  The short answer is getting a will for $19.95 seems like a great deal, unless you need the will to protect assets while you are alive…

Picture of an iphone with the words Suspected Spam written on it.

Scammers Can Clone Your Voice

By Mark Sunshine | March 22, 2023

Just imagine you are at home and the telephone rings…it’s your grandson calling, and he says he is in big trouble, and you need to send him money for lawyers and bail.  He is a good kid and has never been in trouble before.   The Newest Scam The most recent scam is faking your grandson’s…

2 apple watches with white bands

A Feel Good Apple Story With A Happy Ending

By Mark Sunshine | March 20, 2023

This is a very personal story for me that fortunately ended well.   My History I was born with severe congenital heart defects that, in the middle of 2021, resulted in more than 14 hours of open heart surgery.  The operation affected something called the “bundle branch.”  The bundle branches are part of the heart’s electrical…

Woman in the gym who just completed her workout and screams in pain.

Another installment in our “Believe it or not” series

By Mark Sunshine | March 13, 2023

After years of searching, I have finally discovered the most annoying gift ever!!!   I have tested it on my wife, and the results are in – she says that our 35th year of marriage may be our last. So, I consider the test “a success,” and I believe with just a few years of marriage…

Husband and wife standing next to a lake with their dog in between them.

Getting Married? 8 States Allow Dogs to Officiate

By Mark Sunshine | February 13, 2023

I am a dog owner, and our furry friends are part of our family.  Also, I am happy and proud to say my oldest son is getting married in October (he and his fiance live in Colorado and are getting married there).   Your Dog Can Serve As A Wedding Officiant So, I started doing a…

Lady hands wearing black gloves with red long fingernails.

Gel Manicures Are Not Safe

By Mark Sunshine | February 1, 2023

In yet another installment of my “believe it or not” series, I was surprised to learn that the drying process used in most gel manicures causes cancer.   I have never had a manicure and have little idea of what a gel manicure is. I have been told that it is the current “best quality” type…

A man with an extra long nose because he told a lie.

Honest Hospitals Vs. Dishonest Hospitals

By Mark Sunshine | January 25, 2023

Apparently, many poor-quality hospital executives are graduates of the “Vladamir Putin School of Propaganda,” where they were taught that if a bad fact isn’t reported, it can be ignored.   So What Facts Are Some Hospitals Conveniently Forgetting To Report?  According to a study by the University of Michigan Medical School, many hospitals routinely underreport strokes…

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