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“You Shall Love Your Neighbor As Yourself” (Leviticus 19:18)

A Life Well Lived

Musings On Life & What Comes After.

Figure of Winnie the Pooh and his hunny pot

Winnie the Pooh says, “How Lucky I Am To Have Something That Makes Saying Goodbye So Hard.”

By Mark Sunshine | March 14, 2018

IT’S PAINFUL TO SAY GOODBYE Most people don’t realize how much effort it takes to write something that is simple yet meaningful. Yet, the author of Winnie the Pooh, A.A. Miline, was able to communicate the meaning of a message that readers of any age could understand. That is one of love, friendship, responsibility, and profound…

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“They’re Gonna Lose Mom!!”

By Mark Sunshine | March 1, 2018

Can They Lose My Loved One? That was my wife’s fear when her mother passed away in Florida. We needed to transport her up north for burial and we worried that she would get “lost”. My wife was sure that if the airline could lose her luggage, then they could do the same with her…

Sando Botticelli Painting

Whitewashed History: The Tragedy of 9 Adar

By Mark Sunshine | February 26, 2018

The House of Hillel & The House of Shammai Every Jew has heard the ancient stories of the Houses of Hillel and Shammai and their opposing views in the early codification of Jewish law. We learned that Rabbi Hillel and Rabbi Shammai disagreed on virtually everything.  They even disagreed about whether it was wrong to…

Capuchin Crypt Church

“What You Are Now We Used To Be; What We Are Now You Will Be…”

By Mark Sunshine | February 22, 2018

My Visit To The Capuchin Crypt My wife and I were in Italy last Halloween eve. We decided that the most appropriate way to commemorate Halloween was to sign up for a Roman “Crypt Tour” and visit some of the oldest known burial sites in the world. However, when we visited the Capuchin Crypt we…

Eva Cassidy

What A Wonderful World

By Mark Sunshine | January 18, 2018

What A Wonderful World Eva Cassidy: What a Wonderful World I have always wondered, what people think and feel when they know that they are going to die. I understand that we are all going to die sooner or later, but some people have a pretty good idea of when they will leave this life…

Pain vs Suffering: Pain and dying are not the same as suffering.

Pain Vs. Suffering

By Mark Sunshine | January 10, 2018

The Nature of Suffering A few months ago a friend told me about the lessons he learned as a teenager from his then-terminally ill father.  My friend said that when his father was dying he said that sickness, pain, and dying are not the same as suffering.  According to my friend, as far back as…

popcorn and clapperboard

A New Age For Film Festivals

By KMASUN013488 | October 2, 2020

When I lived in New York, I was a regular at film festivals and loved the experience.  Film festivals have provided a venue for many iconic blockbusters, and independent and rising directors, actors, and producers use film festivals to introduce their work to audiences.  Film festivals level the competitive playing field between large budget studios…

Spirituality Life and Well-Being

Spirituality, Life & Well-Being

By KMASUN013488 | January 2, 2018

What Do We Know About Life and Spirituality? It may seem unusual that our funeral home has chosen to publish articles focused on spirituality, life, and well-being, but to us, it is natural that we talk about life and not death. After all, we can’t imagine that a lot of our clientele will be reading…

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