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A mans hand holding a cardboard sign that reads What's Your Legacy?

How Will You Be Remembered?

By Mark Sunshine | April 23, 2024

How Will You Be Remembered? Key Questions to Define Your Legacy Developing a meaningful legacy begins with self-reflection.   Below are some important questions to help you shape how you will be remembered: Answering these questions can help you create a blueprint for a legacy that will endure long after you’re gone. Understanding the Elements…

A nurse wearing blue scrubs is assisting a lady wearing a yellow dress use a walker.

Nursing Homes Should Have Nurses

By Mark Sunshine | March 25, 2024

I admit it. I am old-fashioned.   For some odd reason, I think that if a facility calls itself a “nursing home,” it should always have at least one nurse on the premises.   But, much to my surprise, that isn’t the case.   Is Having a Nurse Present Too Much To Ask? Under current Federal rules and regulations,…

Blackboard with white letters spelling out Guest List

Celebration of Life Services Are An Opportunity To Honor Your Loved One

By Mark Sunshine | December 21, 2023

Organizing a celebration of life service for your loved one is a deeply personal task. It’s an opportunity to honor a loved one’s memory in a way that reflects their essence and the joy they bring to those around them. This comprehensive guide will assist you in navigating the planning process, ensuring the event is…

Blanket with the Virgin Mary marketing to the Jewish community

Funeral Homes Don’t Care Enough To Proofread Their Websites

By Mark Sunshine | December 1, 2023

I was surprised and offended when I visited Beth David Funeral Home’s website yesterday.   Beth David prominently uses Catholic/Christian symbols to market to Jewish customers.  This is a blatant disregard for the sensibilities of their primary Jewish clientele. Beth David’s offense isn’t isolated; a cursory investigation revealed similar offending discrepancies at Eternal Light Cemetery,…

Sickle cell disease are you at risk? with a Yes and No check box.

There is new cure for Sickle Cell Disease

By Mark Sunshine | November 22, 2023

As long as I can remember, Sickle Cell Disease was a fatal disease that robbed its victims of quality of life before eventually killing them. Approximately 100,000 Americans live with this disease.   Just last week, we cremated a young woman and mother of two who died of Sickle Cell Disease. She suffered her entire life from extraordinary…

Fall table setting with pumpkins, fall flowers and a Grateful and Blessed wooden plaque.

Adjusting Holiday Traditions After a Loss

By Mark Sunshine | November 7, 2023

Thanksgiving is right around the corner, and we know that for families that have suffered a loss, the prospect of an empty chair at the Thanksgiving table is a terrible prospect.  It is tough to be joyful and give thanks when your heart is being ripped apart.   How to Deal With the Death of a…

Man reading an autopsy report.

Uncover the Truth: How Private Autopsy Services Can Provide Closure

By Mark Sunshine | November 6, 2023

Losing a loved one is an experience that leaves many questions unanswered, especially when the cause of death is uncertain.  During these challenging times, people often seek closure and peace of mind by understanding the circumstances surrounding their loved one’s passing.  Private autopsy services offer a unique and comprehensive approach that can help uncover the…

Brown and black dog watching DogTV on a turquoise laptop.

Dog TV – An Idea That Actually Works

By Mark Sunshine | October 17, 2023

As pet owners, we all want our furry friends to be happy, comfortable, and entertained.  And, I think that everyone worries about how our canine companions feel when we leave them alone at home.  If you are like our family, we turn on the TV to keep the dogs company and entertain them while we are…

picture of a box of sudafed sinus and another of sudafed sinus

The Most Popular Oral Decongestants Are No Better Than Snake Oil

By Mark Sunshine | October 10, 2023

Who would have guessed that many popular oral decongestants are worse than snake oil?  Certainly not me.  Do The Most Popular Cold Medicines Work? But, it turns out that the most popular over-the-counter cold medicines do not work, and may be harmful to your health.   According to recent FDA panel findings, the most popular oral…

Three solders saluting

Coins Are Placed on the Graves of Former Soldiers

By Mark Sunshine | October 9, 2023

If you ever go to a cemetery, you will most likely see coins on top of some gravestones.   But has anyone ever explained to you why people leave coins and what they mean?  Where did the tradition of leaving coins on a gravestone originate? The tradition of leaving coins on gravestones has been around…

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