Understanding the Jewish Tradition of Shiva

Jewish funeral traditions

In the Jewish faith, the death of a loved one is followed by specific periods of mourning.   The first such period, known as shiva, begins immediately after the burial ceremony and lasts seven days. During this time, close family members observe certain customs and rituals to honor the deceased and process their grief. This…

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The Legacy and Symbolism of the Star of David in Judaism

Star of David at the entrance of a jewish cemetery in winter.

The Star of David, known in Hebrew as the “Shield of David” or “Magan David,” is an enduring and powerful emblem of the Jewish faith.   This six-pointed star has been a symbol of Jewish identity, culture, and religion for centuries. As we explore the origins, evolution, and significance of this iconic symbol, we uncover…

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The Profound Tradition of Placing Stones on Graves in Judaism

jewish headstone with stones placed along the top

Honoring the Deceased with Stone In Judaism, placing stones on a grave holds deep significance and is steeped in rich tradition.  This act of respect and remembrance transcends mere custom, embodying a connection between the living and the deceased that persists through time.  The tradition of leaving stones on a grave dates back to ancient…

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