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Dog TV – An Idea That Actually Works

As pet owners, we all want our furry friends to be happy, comfortable, and entertained. 

And, I think that everyone worries about how our canine companions feel when we leave them alone at home.  If you are like our family, we turn on the TV to keep the dogs company and entertain them while we are away.  

But, dogs are not people and human programming is different than dog programming.  So, while we have the best of intentions, just turning on the TV to play human programming doesn’t do much.  

And, that is where Dog TV comes in.  

Dog TV is a TV Channel Designed for Dogs

Pink background with picture of a light blonde puppy on his hind legs sitting up with one paw in the air. Caption reads DogTV.

The channel offers scientifically developed programming created to lift your dog’s mood and reduce their anxiety. To understand the benefits of Dog TV, let’s take a closer look.

Dog TV has a calming effect on dogs. The programming includes calming music with visuals that are pleasant to look at, and which have a calming effect on dogs.  This effect can be especially beneficial for dogs experiencing separation anxiety by distracting them from their negative emotions.  

Dog TV adjusts the pictures and colors projected on your TV screen so they can be seen easily by dogs.  According to Dog TV, dogs cannot see most of what humans see on TV screens.  But, Dog TV takes care of that by creating visuals that look “weird” to humans but are pleasing to dogs.  

The soundtrack of Dog TV is tuned for dog hearing.  The soundtrack has high and low tones which humans can’t hear but are more easily heard by dogs.  These tones relax dogs whether or not they are watching Dog TV.  

Dog TV provides an active and engaging environment for dogs. Many of the programs encourage physical activity, such as running and jumping, which can help promote weight management, health, and mental stimulation.

The channel also has various programs that mimic natural dog behaviors, making them feel like they’re not alone. Dog TV offers multisensory stimulation that includes soothing aromas, colors, sounds, and animations that your dog will love. The programs are interactive and create an engaging experience for your pet.

Chewy Loves Dog TV

I decided to test Dog TV on my dogs (two Shih-Poos were at home for the test).  One of the dogs fell asleep (she always sleeps).  But the other dog couldn’t take his eyes off of Dog TV.  Below is a picture of Chewie watching Dog TV.  

Light brown dog wearing a colorful sweater lying on a comfy white blanket.

Dog TV is easily accessible regardless of where you are, i.e., whether you’re at home, at work, or on vacation.  Dog TV can be accessed anytime and anywhere with your cell phone, tablet, computer, or smart TV.  It is no more difficult to stream than Netflix.  

Below are pictures from the Dog TV website showing dogs watching TV.  Based on my experience, I think the pictures are pretty accurate.  

Three pictures side by side of dogs watching and enjoying PetTV.

What You Need to Know…

Every so often, there is a new product that sounds too good to be true; Dog TV fits that description.  

While I can’t guarantee that your dog will like Dog TV, I can confirm my dogs like it.   If you want to learn more about Dog TV, click this link and you will be connected to the website.

Mark Sunshine

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