“You Shall Love Your Neighbor As Yourself” (Leviticus 19:18)

It’s Easy To Be Tricked By A Faker

See if you can pick me out in this picture of the State of the Union Address.  

No joke, I am in the picture in the upper left aisle.  

Large room with men and women standing and clapping.

Maybe this will help you find me…That’s me!!!

2nd picture of a Large room with men and women standing and clapping.

Personally, I think I look pretty good in the picture even though I was never there. 

The Picture Is Fake and I Am a “Poser.”

There is a problem with most “Jewish Funeral Homes” – they are posers – just like me in the picture

The funeral industry is full of posers that pretend to be Jewish but aren’t.  They do this to mislead Jewish families.  

See if you can tell which “Jewish Funeral Home” is a poser 

Beth Israel Memorial Chapel – Not Jewish.  While “Beth Israel” is definitely a Jewish name, the firm is owned by Northstar Memorial Group, Houston, Texas.  Northstar is America’s second-largest death services company and is about as Jewish as the Pope.

Levitt-Weinstein Memorial Chapel – Nope.  Another poser.  Decades ago, Levitt-Weinstein, a Jewish funeral home, was sold.  Levitt-Weinstin is also owned by Northstar.  

Riverside-Stanetsky Memorial Chapels – Just like I wasn’t at the State of the Union, Riverside-Stanetsky isn’t a Jewish-owned funeral home.  For those of us who grew up in New York, Riverside-Stanetsky is the name of an old-line Jewish funeral home that decades ago was sold to a company named SCI.  Just like we can’t go back to Grossingers for Passover Seder, Jews can’t use the Riverside-Stanetsky funeral home from the 1960s.  The current owner, SCI is the largest funeral operator in the world and has a horrible history of desecrating Jewish graves in Florida, Texas, and California (which is worse than being a poser).  

Star of David Memorial Chapel – Again, another SCI company.  Not Jewish, despite the name.  

Joseph Rubin Memorial Chapel – YES!!  Joe Rubin is Jewish, and this is a high-quality, authentic Jewish funeral home.  In fact, we recommend that any Jewish family that does not select Kronish Funeral Services should use Joe Rubin.   

Kronish Funeral Services – Not surprisingly, we are an authentic Jewish funeral home.  We have deep connections to the Jewish community.  I am a prior Synagogue President, and my partner, Keith Kronish, is the founder of the national independent Jewish funeral directors trade group.  His father was a synagogue executive director, and Keith’s uncle was a well-known Miami Beach rabbi.  

Don’t Let Anyone Tell You That Using a Misleading Jewish Name Is Okay.  It Isn’t. 

Just like I shouldn’t pretend to be at the State of the Union, funeral homes shouldn’t use misleading names to trick customers.  

Whether using a Jewish funeral home is important to you or not, I always wonder why any family would trust a funeral firm that thinks it’s okay to mislead from the get-go.  If someone is willing to trick customers into getting them into the door, what else are they willing to lie about?  

Kronish Funeral Services is Authentically Jewish and Honest

You don’t have to worry about whether or not Kronish Funeral Services is Jewish; we are.  So, why not keep the Jewish funeral Jewish?

Mark Sunshine

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