Ricki Berger Obituary

Ricki Berger Obituary Ricki was born on 6/23/36 in Baltimore, MD to Abraham & Miriam Stopak. She graduated from the University of Maryland and married her lifetime love, Donald Berger. They lived in Baltimore where their daughter Susan was born. They moved to Cleveland several years later and added Tom to the family. Finally, in 1973…

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Joan Dubov Obituary

Joan Dubov Obituary Joan Beverly Bloom Dubov was born in Baltimore, Maryland on February 5, 1932.  Joan grew up in Miami and when she was just 16 years young met David, the love of her life.  She participated in the Orange Bowl’s New Year’s Eve parade and as she came down from her float, David…

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Learn About How To Keep “Man’s Best Friend” Safe

Dog lying on a towel with a heating pad on his head.

Dog flu, i.e., canine influenza, is coming to Florida.  It has reached epidemic proportions in other states and will soon get that bad here.   Dog flu is not dangerous to humans, just to dogs.  So far, according to the media, there are no known humans that have been infected with dog flu.   Essentially, dog flu is an…

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The Newest California Craze

Lady holding a joint in one hand

Every few days, I see a newspaper story that I simply can’t believe is true.  And, today is one of those days.    Exercise While High? Apparently, the newest fitness craze in Los Angeles is to exercise after getting high.   I saw this story reported in the Los Angeles Times (link to the story here),…

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