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Helping you avoid being economic road kill

There is no good way for me to say this…most baby boomers (I am a baby boomer) will end up as economic roadkill and die penniless because of the cost of long-term healthcare.  

Poverty Doesn’t Have To Be Our Future

But poverty doesn’t have to be our future, even though long-term healthcare will most likely cost more than $200,000 annually.  

That’s right…the cost of long-term healthcare can be as much as $200,000 per year, and Medicare doesn’t cover these expenses after 100 days.  It does not take long to wipe out an estate at those prices.  

What Are Your Options?  

You can pay using your assets and destroy your estate.  Or, maybe you have private long-term care insurance (but if you don’t already have long-term care insurance don’t bother trying to get it now – it will be costly).  Or, maybe you are just hoping for the best!!

Well, here’s the “skinny”…

regardless of your income and assets, almost everyone can qualify to have the government pay the core costs of long-term healthcare. 

The government program is Medicaid and almost everything you think you know about how to qualify for Medicaid is either wrong or mostly wrong.  

I can potentially help you qualify for Medicaid without meaningfully hurting your estate.  That is another way of saying you don’t have to be poor (in the way you are thinking of poor) to qualify for Medicaid.  

Obscure and Complex Rules Determine who Qualifies for Medicaid Assistance. 

Even people who have saved millions can qualify for Medicaid and have the government pay for long-term healthcare.  

I know as I write this that most people believe that Medicaid is for the indigent and that most middle-class and upper-middle-class families don’t qualify.  Both commonly held beliefs are either fully or partially wrong.  

Again, the vast majority of baby boomers, regardless of income and assets before meeting with an advisor, can qualify for Medicaid and have the government pay long-term healthcare costs.  

What You Need To Know…

White notebook with the words Next Steps written in black ink.
  1. Most people do not need to burn through their life savings to pay for a nursing home, assisted living, or home healthcare costs.  
  2. What you think you know about the rules regarding “spend-down,” “the 5-year lookback,” and gifting rules is probably wrong.  
  3. You can protect most, if not all, of your savings and receive good quality care.    
  4. If you call our office (561-717-2876), I will provide you with a free consultation and help you determine the best course of action for you and your family.  This single call can save you hundreds of thousands of dollars and preserve your life savings.  

Please call our office at 561-717-2876 and ask for “Mark.”  

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Tell my assistant, “I want to learn about government programs that will help pay for long-term healthcare,” and I will call you back.  There is no cost to making the call, and I won’t charge you for my time.  Let’s see if I can help. ​​​​​​​

Mark Sunshine

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