Unexplained Cardiac Deaths Maybe From Bad Genes

Female research team studying DNA mutations. Computer screens with DNA helix in foreground

It appears that approximately 20% of unexplained sudden cardiac deaths actually have a straightforward explanation – bad genes.   You can read more about the findings of a University of Maryland Medical School researcher by clicking here and here.   But, how do you find out if you have bad genes before becoming a statistic?   This Topic Is…

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A Simple Primer On Wills And When To Use Them.

living will with pills and eyeglasses

Types Of Wills Did you know that there are at least three types of wills?   Most people don’t.   From their names, you might think that the three most common types of wills are all similar; you couldn’t be more wrong.   There is no connection between the three types of wills other than the similarity in…

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Arlene Louis Merson Obituary

Arlene Louis Merson October 16, 2021 Obituary Arlene Louis Merson passed away on October 16th, 2021, in Boca Raton, FL with her family by her side. Arlene was born on July 16th, 1940, in Meridian, MS. She and her three siblings, Lisa, Marilyn, and Michael were raised by their loving parents, Sammy and Ruth Davidson.…

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Dorri Ann (Billingsley) Robbins

Dorri Ann (Billingsley) Robbins October 15, 2021 Obituary Dorri was born in Pittsburg, PA on October 5, 2959. She is preceded in death by her loving parents James & Helen Billingsley of Mt. Pleasant, PA. Dorri is survived by her devoted brother Dan Billingsley of Indianapolis, IN, Doug Billingsley of Boca Raton, FL, her beloved…

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The High Cost of Jewish Living Shouldn’t Include Death

Star of David on an old headstone in an ancient jewish cemetery.

I know firsthand how much it costs to be Jewish in South Florida.   I am used to paying more for essentially everything – food, education, and housing.   Why Should Jews Pay More To Die?   We shouldn’t.  It should not cost more to bury a Jew than a Christian or agnostic.     In fact, I think a…

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What Are Death Certificates and Why Do You Need Them?

Death Certificate with pen. Close-up of top of certificate

I know that this isn’t the most fun topic I have ever emailed you about, but it is still important.     Death certificates are some of the least understood legal documents in America.     What is a certified Florida death certificate? Death certificates are official legal documents issued by Florida that certify an individual’s date,…

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