“You Shall Love Your Neighbor As Yourself” (Leviticus 19:18)

Edwin Levy

May 29, 2021

Edwin Levy 05.29.21


Ed was born on a snowy day in New York City on April 15, 1937 to Lucy and Daniel Levy. He grew up in Queens, NY before moving to Lawrence, NY, ultimately graduating from Brown University with a degree in history. Through shear persistence, he met and was hired by Alan Greenberg who would go on to become his friend and mentor at Bear, Stearns and Co., Inc. Ed rose thorough the ranks at Bear for over twenty years ultimately becoming a general partner before leaving to start his own firm, Levy, Harkins and Co., Inc., where he more than successfully managed his clients’ money until his retirement in 2018.

Together with his wife of fifty plus years, Carolyne Klein, they raised their children Jimmy and Matthew on the Upper East Side of Manhattan. Ed would ultimately divide his time between Manhattan and Boca Raton where he retired.

At his core, Ed was a real family man, and while he adored his own children, the amount of love and affection he felt for his three grandchildren, Danny, Ren and Ariel, was immeasurable. Additionally, he proudly and affectionately became a surrogate father to his two daughters-in-law, Sharon and Sigal.

Through his professional life, Ed was one of the most trusted and loyal money managers anyone could have asked for. His conservative approach combined with his incredible intelligence, understanding of the markets and matters of economics only increased his client’s and friend’s love and need to have him on their team. His unwavering honesty and directness were among his most compelling attributes, to say nothing of his dry wit and biting sense of humor. If you needed someone to talk to about the market, good luck finding someone with a deeper understanding of business maters so ready and willing to share his thoughts, knowledge and perspective.

When he wasn’t working or spending time with family, you could find Ed on the golf course. Virtually every moment of his spare time was built around this sport; whether watching it on television or playing it.

Where charity and philanthropy were concerned, Ed’s contributions were limitless. His work and contributions as an early board member of the Michael J. Fox Foundation as well as the various Jewish organizations he supported are among the many highlights of his life, to say nothing of the countless other charities he supported up to the minute of his passing. Recently, he received such pleasure in supporting Bound for College, a local Florida charity that helps deserving high school students with any or all their college prep work.

As a friend, Ed was second to none. Despite fancying himself an introvert, Ed cherished the many close relationships he developed and cultivated through his eighty plus years. While he couldn’t defy the laws of gravity or physics, there is virtually nothing he wouldn’t do for you. All you had to do was ask. That was Ed Levy to a tee!!

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